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            1. Established in 2004, Dalian KN logistics co., ltd. is a First-class freight logistics enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce. With the Department of Transportation approved NVOCC qualification, We had customs declaration, CIQ inspection, reporting dangerous qualifications. As booking agent & partner for MSC, MSK, Hapag-lloyd, CMA, APL, ONE, OOCL, ZIM, YML, WAN HAI, MCC, DBR etc. we can provide the customs declaration/inspection, transportation by road, sea,air,warehousing and logistics distribution and other supply chain services. After more than ten years of efforts by two generations of KN’s people, We have successfully built a professional service team, high repution brand in market, set up in major domestic ports and overseas agent in Europe, the United States as the core service network, build a new logistics supply chain service system with customer needs and intelligent technology as the core, with the service concept " Be honestly handle your cosignment as you be here,Success with clients together",  Win-Win with our customers together, success together!

              KN Logistics provides you with zero distance service

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              Add:20F Sino-Trans Building,No.85 Renmin Road,Dalian,China

              Post Code:116001

              Tel:+86  411 8887 0099

              Fax:+86 411 8255 1202


                Marketing Line

              • +86 411 8887 0088
              • henry.shi@knlogistics.cn

                Booking service line

              • +86 411 8887 0095
              • crystal.wang@knlogistics.cn

                Overseas service line

              • +86 411 8255 1280
              • Lily.chen@knlogistics.cn

                WIFFA Europe Alliance

              • +86 411 8255 1280
              • Lily.chen@knlogistics.cn

                Customs declearance service line

              • +86 411 8887 0094
              • evan.yang@knlogistics.cn

                Trailer service line

              • +86 13909856118
              • tiger.wang@knlogistics.cn

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